How to Swing your Arms

Humans naturally move their arms while running, it is a natural act! You have to make a conscious effort to walk without using your arms and an even bigger effort if you running. This leads us to believe there must be some kind of benefit by using this technique, otherwise, evolution should have left it out of our nature, since it is an energy consuming movement.

Mechanical Benefit

We move our arms contrary to our legs, so when your left foot goes. Your arms work as a counter-balancing force to the angular momentum generated by the legs(1,2). The angular momentum is the amount of rotation of a body and it depends on the velocity as well as the mass of the object. This compensation is important because it keeps the runner in a straight line, and it keeps the visual aim stable.

angular momentum
angular momentum

The left arm is counter-acting the angular momentum caused by the right leg so that the body of the runner is kept straight and the visual aim remains stable. Continue reading “How to Swing your Arms”

Running of the Bulls


There are many running of the bulls all over Spain, the best known runnig of the bulls takes place in Pamplona, Spain between the 7th and 14th of July. It is an 849 meter race with anywhere from 2000 to 3500 runners in front of 6 wild bulls. Continue reading “Running of the Bulls”

Milk, your next recovery drink

Nutrition has always played a major role in sports. The ancient Greeks believed that athletes should have a special diet rich in protein with a special focus on meat, some athletes were known to eat a meat-only diet before the competition. As for hydration wine was the most popular drink at the time and the primary means for hydration before, during and specially after the event.


Nowadays, nutrition and hydration play a big role in long distance running. There are many different drinks, bars, pellets and gels available and it is not hard to feel a little lost on what to take and when. The timing is specially important as we have different needs during a race. Continue reading “Milk, your next recovery drink”